The strengths of Management Study Program

The strengths of Management Study Program are:

  1. Qualified Business and Management education.
    Higher education organized on UKRIDA Management Study Program has been in accordance with the demand of business and management world. A rapid and very dynamic changes in business world require their organizers to be reliable and capable to win high competition in business.
    By providing modern curriculum and educational equipment, Management Study Program has produced graduates who are capable in managing businesses and modern management principles, as well as adjusting themselves with rapid changes in business and management world. This Study Program also prepares its graduates to continue their studies at postgraduate program.

  2. Professional Certification
    RFP® (Registered Financial Planner) Investment certification from LSP FPSB Indonesia, BNSP and Certified Risk Management Officer (CRMO) from LSP Risk Management are available for students who are interested to concentrate on Finance, and Marketing Certification from LSP Marketing.

  3. Christian Values
    The graduates of Management Study Program apply Christian values while working in the society. The Christian values include enthusiasm, affection, self-control, and boldness to defend the truth, humility, kindness, loyalty, sense of responsibility, serenity, and justice.

  4. Independent professional
    The graduates of Management Study Program are capable to be an independent entrepreneur.

  5. Based Competence
    Producing competent graduates in the fields of marketing management, financial management, human resources management, and operational management.

  6. Research-Based
    Producing a valuable research which is beneficial for the development of management sciences and the enhancement of nation, civilization, and prosperity of mankind.

  7. Community Empowerment
    Improving the graduate roles in the development of human resources to create an additional value for society.

  8. Curriculum
    Curriculum is developed according to the needs of stakeholder, and designed with competencies covering communication ability, honesty and integrity, teamwork, interpersonal ability, and strong work ethics. The curriculum is developed holistically and includes growths of potentials and intellectual smartness, emotional and spiritual.

  9. Student Centered Learning
    The learning process will concern on the renewal of efficient learning methods by positioning students as the learning subject (Student Centered Learning).

  10. Soft and Success Skills
    Well-balanced soft and success skills, which equip the graduates of Management program to have high self-confidence, awareness of nation’s social and cultural values, and strong independence.

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Krida Wacana Christian University

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