ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  -  (Undergraduate Program)

The Electrical Engineering study program provides a broad comprehension of the fundamental principles that are responsible for the remarkable advances in the technology of computers, micro-electronics, robotics, telecommunication, power systems, and biomedical engineering.

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING  -  (Undergraduate Program)

The Industrial Engineering study program prepares its graduates with the fundamental principles in math, statistics, engineering design, information technology, business process, and social studies, that are integrated for the improvement of "All Types of Systems".

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CIVIL ENGINEERING  -  (Undergraduate Program)

The Civil Engineering study program delivers a extensive understanding of the fundamental principles that are accountable for the design, construct, and maintain society’s infrastructure – the highways, buildings, and water systems we use daily.

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INFORMATICS  -  (Undergraduate Program)

The Informatics study program is designed to strengthen the fundamentals of logics, software programming, wireless technology, hardware requirements and specifications, and human computer interaction.

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS  -  (Undergraduate Program)

The Information Systems study program focuses on information technology, data management, decision making process, and business sustainability.

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"Advancing Knowledge, Inspiring People"FTIK UKRIDA

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) provides students with a rigorous curriculum, industrial relevant training, and career-advancing degree study programs. Over the past years, FTIK had built up a wide industry network to link its study programs’ curricula with well renowned enterprises and higher learning institutions. The aims are to produce a highly industry-relevant training and a rigorous education process for our students. Our inclusive, immersive, and in-employment education transforms FTIK graduates into professionals equipped with relevant knowledge, employable hard skills, and inspirational soft skills.

The FTIK offers various accredited study programs in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Informatics, and Information Systems. Our study programs leverages on technology to empower students with flexible interactions and learning with their tutors and lecturers. Moreover, our study programs encourage students to work closely with industry and academics through internships, research collaborations, and society empowerment programs.

The academic year comprises two semesters, February to July and September to January. Students are required to complete a total of 144 credits within eight semesters (four years). Students with good grades are eligible to take up to 24 credits in one semester and can finish their study within seven semester (3.5 years).


Our vision is to be a leading school committed in education and research in engineering and computer science driven by Christian values and leadership.



Our mission is to develop students with strong character and global mindset, who care about their society and environment. FTIK believes that through good education and research, we have the opportunity to empower the society and contribute to the quality of life.



Our People believe that:

  • We are existed because of GOD, and therefore, we live to Love our GOD. We love our GOD by caring, supporting, collaborating, and empowering others.
  • We are the blessed and the best, and therefore, we live to shine amongst others. We are trustworthy and we Enlighten others through our words and acts.
  • We are friend with change, and therefore we are committed to learn with enthusiasm, to make friend with changes, and to Advance with our creativity and innovativeness.
  • We are born to be great, and therefore, we are Determined to have better life and to outshine our performance.



Changing the Future of Engineers

In June 2014, The Indonesian Government identified that only 30 percent of Indonesian high school graduates were able to continue their education into college, and only 15 percent of high school graduates who entered college had interest to study in engineering. One likely cause? These students were not getting the same level of high school education as peers from highly resourced schools, especially those from Eastern part of Indonesia.

Since 2015, FTIK -the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science- has been providing extra supports needed by less-supported students from Eastern Indonesia to succeed in engineering and computer science. Students are expected to return to their home area and develop their home area for the better. These efforts has also been helping the diversity in UKRIDA.

"Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science has been providing extra supports needed by less-supported students from Eastern Indonesia to succeed in engineering and computer science"

Initially funded by the YPTK Krida Wacana -the Higher Education Foundation for Krida Wacana- the program was later supplemented by funding from Government, Scholarship Foundations (Clement Suleeman, A.A Rachmat), Church, Enterprises (Bank INA, Bank BCA, Guardian, Pulau Intan), and Individuals. The funding was distributed to students to helping them succeeded in academic tutoring, economic support, and entrepreneurship capability building. This program is expected to contribute to the future of Indonesia, by shaping future engineers with opportunities and love, so that they can build their country and society in the same way…

Associate Professor Johansah Liman




Ir. Johansah Liman, M.T.

Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program

Budi Harsono, S.T., M.Eng.

Head of Industrial Engineering Study Program

Dr. Oki Sunardi

Head of Civil Engineering Study Program

Elly Kusumawati Budirahardjo, S.T., M.T.

Head of Informatics Study Program

Fredicia, M.Kom.

Head of Information Systems Study Program

Cynthia Hayat, S.Kom., M.MSI., M.Div.


Teknik dan Ilmu Komputer adalah jurnal ilmiah catur wulanan yang diterbitkan sejak April 2012 oleh Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Komputer UKRIDA.

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