Vision Mission and Values


The vision of Krida Wacana Christian University is:

"To be an organizer of excellent Higher Education Tridharma based on Christianity values in national and international level"



Krida Wacana Christian University has the mission of:

  1. Organizing a higher education with the best quality and in accordance with the needs of the present and future society.
  2. Producing graduates who are qualified in Faith, Science and Service.
  3. Improving the quality of human resources to implement various educational programs, research, and community services.
  4. Building and developing networks within the country and overseas to foster collaboration and acceleration in the improvement of quality, education, research and community service.
  5. Improving facilities and infrastructure to support the manifestation of qualified learning process.



The values that inspire Krida Wacana Christian University is translated in the acronym U K R I D A in which each word has the following meanings:

UntukNya (For Him) Kompeten (Competence) Relasi (Relation) Inovatif (Innovation) Disiplin (Dicipline) Analitis (Analytical)


  1. Always giving the best in everything.

  2. Always expressing gratitude in everything.

  3. Always being honest and modest in all efforts.

  4. Always aiming to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.


Codes of conduct:

  1. Serving others wholeheartedly, smiling genuinely and presenting appropriate verbal and non-verbal attitudes.

  2. The employees of UKRIDA are able to express gratitude and appreciation to God, leaders, and contributing colleagues.

  3. Creating a harmonious working environment, equally sharing and helping, and rejoicing for mutual prosperity.

  4. Endeavoring and learning new things which have never or could not be done until succeed and worthwhile for one’s unit and others.

  5. Performing duties and responsibilities more than the requisite standard for the glory of God.

  6. Comprehending ideas of the leaders and/or colleagues completely and thoroughly, making refinement and development of the ideas, and complete them even before the required closing date.


Always making efforts independently in:

  1. Increasing competence.

  2. Sharing knowledge.


Codes of conduct:

  1. Conducting regular discussions for collaborative learning in units.

  2. Being open-minded to share and receive advices from others.

  3. Being proactive and always willing to share personal information earned or acquired on skills and knowledge to one’s unit as well as the others, although it is not demanded or obligated.

  4. Being proactive and ethical when transferring knowledge.

  5. Participating in the best way in all training and/or committee activities.


Relations between men and groups or institution that are shown through:

  1. Cooperation to achieve mutual goals.

  2. Recognition and fulfillment of needs with affection.

  3. Attitude of not gossiping others.


Codes of conduct:

  1. Knowing each other and greeting employees, leaders, colleagues, and subordinates.

  2. Getting to know each other’s characters to develop teamwork.

  3. Promoting openness among the teams for a mutual support in order to achieve UKRIDA’s goals.

  4. Providing responses in a quick and precise manner according to the needs of the customers and colleagues.

  5. Treating the stakeholders respectfully and ethically.

  6. Telling things as they are; when making mistakes, boldly apologize, and when doing right, boldly defend the truth anywhere, at any time and in any condition.

  7. Not gossiping, discussing issues with the concerned party directly, making efforts to finish the problems as soon as possible, and not bringing up the previous problems later on.


Always creating new things creatively and/or seeing from different points of view.


Codes of conduct:

  1. Individuals are being creative in viewing opportunities inside and outside one’s unit.

  2. Individuals are finding new ways to simplify the completion of one’s work.

  3. Individuals are proactively making an improvement when encountering problems or obstacles in carrying one’s duties, by considering the viewpoints of various interests.

  4. Individuals are proactively developing extensive skills and knowledge on matters inside and outside the specificity of one’s work and science.


Committed to a goal, mission, or noble calling at UKRIDA in small and big matters.

Codes of conduct:

  1. Obeying the provisions and work regulations of the university, the foundation, and the leader.

  2. Always keeping promises in the time frame and results to the service users.

  3. Being tidy and orderly in doing administrations and work documentations.

  4. Dressing neatly and politely, imaging a professionalism.

  5. Being proactive in maintaining cleanliness, not smoking in the campus area, conducting maintenance and saving-energy on facilities and infrastructure are included in this provision point.


Thinking critically, analyzing, and weighing the cases, methods, and approaches for mutual good, and to be true to one’s self.

Codes of conduct:

  1. Always putting effort to find the root of problems and collect former data from a problem symptom in order to take optimal decisions.

  2. Being critical to one’s self and others in order to always bring out innovations.

Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana

Krida Wacana Christian University

  • Campus I
    Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya no. 4, West Jakarta
    Telp. 021 566 6952
    Fax. 021 566 6956
  • Campus II
    Jl. Arjuna Utara no. 6, West Barat
    Telp. 021 5694 2061
    Fax. 021 563 1731
  • Campus III
    Kokan Permata Blok A no. 6-8
    Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya
    Kelapa Gading – North Jakarta 
    Telp. 021 294 50 999
    Fax. 021 294 51 374
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