Welcome Speech by Rector

Working for God and everyone, is the original purpose of the establishment of UKRIDA. As one of Christian universities in Jakarta, UKRIDA, established on 20 January 1967 is on a mission to bring the Kingdom of God in the world through education. UKRIDA as educational institutions do not only commit to create excellent graduates, but also characterized Christians who can bring changes and transform the world.

UKRIDA does not only commit to create excellent graduates, but also characterized Christians who can bring changes and transform the world.

Through firmly held five values, UKRIDA with all its partners are committed to continue working for the glory of God through the implementation of a qualified higher education Tridharma. The five values are embodied in the acronym of UKRIDA.

The letter U represents the word “to Him”. It reflects UKRIDA’s commitment to continue in working for the glory of His name, in which all development and progress of UKRIDA are dedicated only to God.

The letter K represents the word “Competent”. UKRIDA is ready to prepare its learners with competencies which would make them excellent graduates who are competent in their specialized fields.

The letter R represents the word “Relations”. In addition to intellectual abilities, UKRIDA also prepares its graduates with the soft skills in which one of them is relationship with their fellow. UKRIDA graduates are expected to have the ability to build healthy relationship with others.

The letter I represents the word “Innovation”. Intense competition today requires a high innovation to win the future. So, UKRIDA prepares its graduates with the ability to innovate in their specialized fields to form excellent individuals that are highly competitive.

The letter D represents the word “Discipline”. During the lecture at UKRIDA, the students are formed into a high disciplined person, which would be an asset for them to work in the future.

Lastly, the letter A represents the word “Analytical”. Various problems in this world, require experts who can analyze and solve problems. Therefore, the learners at UKRIDA are also prepared with analytical skills, which enable them to see the issues from different views in order to provide the right solutions.

Those are UKRIDA’s commitment and promise for all of its partners, with one wish, that UKRIDA with all its strengths and weaknesses can participate in the development of Indonesia particularly, and to bring the kingdom of God in the world through education.


Yours faithfully,

Dr. Eng. Drs. Erning Wihardjo, M.Eng., M.Eng.Sc.
Rector of UKRIDA

UKRIDA 200px

Krida Wacana Christian University

  • Campus I
    Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya no. 4, West Jakarta
    Telp. 021 566 6952
    Fax. 021 566 6956
  • Campus II
    Jl. Arjuna Utara no. 6, West Barat
    Telp. 021 5694 2061
    Fax. 021 563 1731
  • Campus III
    Kokan Permata Blok A no. 6-8
    Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya
    Kelapa Gading – North Jakarta 
    Telp. 021 294 50 999
    Fax. 021 294 51 374
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