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Dalam rangka menghadapi Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) yang akan segera berlaku pada bulan Desember 2015 mendatang, Teknik Sipil Ukrida terus mengembangkan dan memperkuat kompetensi lulusannya dengan menjalin kemitraan dengan berbagai perusahaan papan atas. 

On 26 June and 3 July 2015, Ukrida's Holistic Education Center (Pusat Pendidikan Holistik/PPH) and Ukrida Center for Learning Media (Pusat Media Pembelajaran) jointly hosted the third series of Book Discussion that has been ongoing since earlier last year.

diskusibuku3These Book Discussion events were conducted firstly by the idea and support of Prof. Kris Herawan Timotius to equip lecturers and staff with various knowledge and skills that are relevant to be practiced in their professions. This Book Discussion III was divided into two sessions during two weeks, six lecturers from PPH shared some knowledge they gained from reading a book by Kent L. Gustafson and Robert M. Branch titled Survey of Instructional Development Model. This book discusses the concepts and models of numerous teaching instructions implemented in different educational contexts.

The event was held in Ukrida Department of English (UDE), and was opened by dr. Johannes Hudyono and was hosted by Mr. Daniel Widjaja and Mr. Eddy Wiyanto. During the first session on 26 June 2015, Miss Ignas, Miss Hanna and Miss Frieda delivered the Introduction, the Taxonomy of Instructional Development Models, and Classroom-Oriented Models. The following session on 3 July 2015, Pak Gusti Menoh, Miss Ninda and Miss Ira shared about Product-Oriented Model and System-Oriented Models. At the end of each presentation delivered by these PPH lecturers, the presenter and participants were engaged in a question-answer session and discussion. Although the topic was not entirely well-known by the presenters and participants at first, everybody was getting a bit of new knowledge by discussing the contents of the book together.

The Book Discussion III concluded that more follow up regarding the topic was essential in order to help the participants understand the topic more deeply and completely by inviting expert speaker(s) in the field of instructional development. It was also suggested that every new lecturer must be given the opportunity to attend induction programs before they can start teaching. The session was closed with presenters and participants taking a commemoration picture and lunch together.


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